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Petal & Mortar


I’ve always feared my life was a carefully crafted house of cards, or Jenga blocks, waiting to crash about my ears at any second. Watching my daughter play the other day, I wondered: what if it’s not a house of cards? What if I’m more like a plant which needs hard pruning, before I can grow new ideas? 

With older plants (such as myself), severe pruning may be needed to remove old, worn-out growths (or ideas), or branches growing over windows (or thoughts blocking out light). Drastic shortening of long branches & removing sections of older stems may be necessary. My recovery will require the pruning of old patterns & beliefs. A careful approach is needed if larger branches are to be removed and where a branch is twisted, it may be necessary to trace back before removing it. See? Slow steps to recovery after a root-cause analysis. You’re aiming for a skeleton frame…

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