Loved this article on what Facebook really is.

Normal is out there

I started this post two weeks ago, got distracted and abandoned it.  But facebook’s landscape this morning has me dusting it off.

Why does my dog’s new hairstyle get 50 likes and a ton of comments about how cute he is and my post about being so low I can’t function gets nothing?

I used to be a prolific “Facebooker”.  I was online all day and would check in constantly.  I “liked” posts for recipes and jokes, took the silly quizzes, posted pictures of vacations, and of course, the required pics of my animals.

As my mental illnesses have worsened over the last few years, my “facebooking” has slowed down considerably.  Now, I mostly keep my account to watch out for my stepchildren and nephews.

But, I usually do a quick run through my wall in the morning just to see what people are talking about.

And today, they are…

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4 thoughts on “Fakebook

  1. dyane says:

    I stopped Facebook last year due to being unexpectedly unfriended by two women within several days. While I wasn’t close to either of them, it felt like a “sign” that I needed to take a FB hiatus. I used to love using FB, but it had become too distracting/draining. It turned out that my being unfriended was a blessing in disguise.

    1. HMJonesWrites says:

      I signed a contract with my publisher to keep my social network presence, so I can’t be completely away from it, but I do take breaks throughout the week. Much much needed breaks.

      1. dyane says:

        The only reason I’m returning to it later this year is for marketing my book, otherwise I’d steer clear forever! 😉 I’m sorry it bums you out too – I get it!

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